How to check to see if your item is in the Amazon catalog before listing it.

Look to list your item? Of course you are! That’s the whole point of this selling thing anyways isn’t it? Got to get it on the marketplace if you’re going to sell it right!

Well this is pretty much where you start. With three easy steps I’ll take through checking to see if your item is in the Amazon catalog.

Step One: Select “Inventory” at the top of your Seller Central portal that appears after you login.

Step Two: Select “Add Product” from the drop down list and that will bring you to the catalog search page

Step Three: This is the most in depth step as there are options or variables involved here. So let’s look at it.

There are five ways to do your search:

ASIN Amazon Standard Item Number
ISBN International Standard Book Number
EAN European Article Number
UPC Universal Product Code
String Type in the name of the product and search

All you do is type in the appropiate identifier from above into the search bar on the Add Product page on and then hit search.

The first 4 identifier (ISBN, UPC, ASIN, EAN) will get you the most direct and appropirate match, but sometimes that just isn’t available. I always do a serach from lowest possible match to largerest, but every situation is different.

From what I’ve expereinced to go from the lowest possible matches to highest possible matches try the identifiers in the order listed above if you have the information available to you. Most likely it’s going to be an ISBN, UPC or String search that you will be preforming.


If you’d like more information on these identifiers be sure to check out Amazon’s explaination.


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