Hello and Welcome to Our FBA LIFE!

Our FBA Life

Welcome to our humble little site here. This is our first post of many on how we have started and grown and are growing our FBA business. At the moment we are starting small, but we are excited as each month we are seeing continually growth within our small little company of my wife and myself.

Do we know what we’re doing? Ha, half the time we feel like we don’t, but when get down to it we do our research, put in the time and strive to improve every day to become better and more knowledgeable on the direction we have decided to guide our lives.

Retail Arbitrage
SO… Do we know what we’re doing? To a degree, we know what is working for us and that is what we are planning to present to you. Are there other ways  in which people make money on and with Amazon? ABSOLUTELY! Our way is built around a manner of Retail Arbitrage at the moment. Buy low, sell higher, split, reinvest and enjoy the profits, repeat. Basic principles to the model.

Affiliate Marketing
Some people create on websites that sell other people’s products and then take a cut of the referral price for sending people to that individual product. This is called Affiliate Marketing and is allowed through Amazon Associates, however it is not available to everyone.

Private Labeling
Another way is people create their own products and have them manufactured shipped directly to Amazon and all they really handle after a time is the design and the transfer of product after manufacturing. This is mainly referred to as Private Labeling.

Author your thoughts
Then there the eBooks. A very lucrative manner in which many people make a lot of money simply by creating valuable content, formatting it to Amazon’s specified format and then upload it. Of course there are some more complications behind that but in the simple explanation that’s what you’re looking at. Write, Upload, Collect…. For digital 1’s and 0’s that you created through the power of your own knowledge and creativity. Anyone can be an author.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of other manners in which you can leverage the power of Amazon’s market share of attention from shoppers throughout the world, but these are the ones I’m familiar with at the present time. This blog at the moment will be focused around the Retail Arbitrage aspect as we have found this to be the most cost advantageous approach to start slowly and without a lot of money at all.

Due diligence will get you through we are finding and sometimes you just have to stick it out through the hard times to make to the promised land. Embark on this journey to helping yourself, just as we have helped ourselves, take back control of your life.

This blog and this lifestyle, for us, is about more that just being about make money finding great deals and having great ROI’s (Return of Investment). It’s about growth not just in our business, but also as human beings. In order to gain control and respect of the your life and business you have to grow into a position of leadership that deserves such entitlement of the riches that hard work as proved possible.

What ever your choice in path for your life. Know your determination and hard work determines how far you go down that path. Always be open to new opportunities though. I never saw us ending up here, but here we are and have found that not only do we get to be treasure hunters by day, we get to be stay at home PARENTS (Take notice of that ‘S’). Yes we have both been able to stay home and take care of our children. Well… Child at the moment, we meet the next in a few months!

How great is it though to be able to though. We made that choice, and took a pretty substantial pay cut and location change to do it. Worth every penny though. Hopefully our little FBA blog here can help you to gain more control over your financial life and give you back more of the control over your life that you’re looking for.

So again WELCOME! We look forward to sharing our continually unfolding story as we grow in this community, maybe along side of you.

– Shawn